The Ohio Roundup is an annual conference held in August, catering to the recovering gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) community in Ohio. Every year the Ohio Roundup moves to a select city in Ohio.




The Ohio Roundup Steering Committee (ORSC) is the collective group conscience of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered (GLBT) members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in the State of Ohio. Our purpose is tri-fold:


  1. Our primary purpose, as for every AA group and in every type of AA service work, is to carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
  2. Since our personal recovery depends upon AA unity, our second purpose is the unity of Ohio's GLBT recovering alcoholics within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  3. Our third purpose is to assure the continuation of the Ohio Roundup — to assure that the direction, effectuation and execution of the Ohio Roundup shall always emphasize the value of sobriety

The Ohio Roundup Steering Committee shall continually address the problems of all recovering alcoholics with special attention being given to the needs of GLBT recovering alcoholics. To this end, we shall establish and maintain an efficient and effective communication network for our members. We shall adhere to the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts of World Service shall govern all our affairs.